Wide Selection of Locally-brewed and Cold Craft Beers @ 3rd Wave Brewing Co.

If you are an enthusiast of locally-brewed and cold craft beers living around or visiting Salisbury, MD, you will be delighted to learn there are a variety of easily accessible options at your disposal. From refreshing light hefeweizens to hoppy IPAs, there’s a little bit of everything for everyone. There are also a great variety of dining options to choose from in the area. This gives you endless options when it comes to hosting an event, meeting up with family and friends, or just relaxing after a long day at the office.

Established in 2012, 3rd Wave Brewing Co is a beachy microbrewery that was situated at a repurposed General Service Bureau at 501 North Bi-State Boulevard, Delmare, Delaware. Delicious bites are available from local food trucks from Wednesday through Saturday. However what you really must try is 3rd Wave’s selection of aged sour beers, and their beers aged in whiskey, rum, and bourbon barrels. The tasting room is open every day of the week, which allows you the flexibility to go and try out a wide selection of beers at your convenience.

Every person who considers themself a surfer knows that the best and largest wave is the 3rd wave. So when friends who made their acquaintance over three decades ago in Ocean City, Maryland embarked on creating a bank account for financing their homebrewing supplies, the most logical name was 3rd Wave. At the time, little did Suellen Vickers and Lori Clough know that the name 3rd Wave would one day adorn hats, T-shirts, cans, glasses, and a building in the little town of Delaware located approximately thirty miles from Ocean City.

Catching The Wave

After spending some time in Ireland, Clough discovered that craft was the most popular beer in most European countries. Clough was inspired by this phenomenon and when she returned to the United States, she got in touch with her friend Vickers, persuading her to try a homebrew kit.

In describing her first attempt at home brewing, Clough said that it was similar to purchasing a cake mix in that one will always bake the same cake. Clough had studied science during her university years and discovered that homebrewing was all about using the correct chemical equation. She wanted to create something different than was being offered by other establishments in the area. Therefore, rather than brewing the standard kit bear, Clough decided to buy all grain and begin her home brewing from scratch.

By creating a few changes here and there, a little fine tuning, and adjusting the temperature, Suellen Vickers and Lori Clough were able to create a beer that was delicious and unique from what was being offered by other homebrewers at the time. Within 3 months the two friends started a bank account to finance their new project.

Interestingly, Suellen Vickers and Lori Clough’s surfing skills are terrible at best. The reason why they named the new homebrewing establishment 3rd Wave Brewing Co is that they first met in Ocean City, popular for its surfing tradition.

After a little experimentation with the chemical equation for their beer, Suellen Vickers and Lori Clough finally mastered the confidence and courage to let other people try it. So they threw a small party and invited some folks to get their opinion of the beer. Interestingly, they did not invite craft beer enthusiasts. Instead, they invited random people to hear what they had to say. Sure enough, all of them loved it.